CPC 4.5 x 9.8 Chloramine Carbon Block 1 Micron

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CPC 4.5 x 9.8 Chloramine Carbon Block 1 Micron

1 Micron Filtration
Chloramine attributes, Chlorine Taste & Odor Reduction

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The Chester Paul Block™ CP CM-Series

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The choices for water treatment professionals to efficiently reduce Chloramines are limited. Reverse Osmosis, Distillation, Softening/Ion Exchange and Boiling are not effective. The best available technology for reducing chloramines is Activated Carbon. But there is a significant difference between “Standard” Activated Carbon and “Catalytic” Activated Carbon. The difference between standard and catalytic carbon is the result of very specific surface modification of the activated carbon itself. To ensure the same chloramine reduction capacity as compared to that of chlorine, the media bed or carbon block of “Standard” carbon cartridges would need to be replaced 5-6 times more often or the filtration system would need to be 5-6 times larger. Neither of these options is feasible due to cost and size considerations. The solution is to offer products, like CP M-Series Carbon Block Cartridges that have been specifically designed for enhanced catalytic functionality and high capacity for chloramine reduction. Currently, the residential consumer is greatly underserved. Dealers are obligated to educate customers about the change to Chloramines and explain that their “Standard” carbon filtration is no longer suitable. While products designed for Chloramine reduction are more expensive than standard activated carbon technology, the savings on a cost per gallon treated is significant. In a location where water is treated with chloramines, standard carbon cartridges used in a typical residential POU drinking water system would need to be changed 4-5 times per year to properly maintain the system for Chloramine reduction. By upgrading the filtration to CP M-Series technology, the consumer would pay a little more for an annual filter service but they will save a significant amount of money by avoiding additional filter changes throughout the year. While the RIGHT technology is initially more expensive, the cost per gallon treated is significantly lower. Given a choice, your customers will most likely choose to upgrade their filtration and save money over the long run. Customer Cost Savings + More Dealer Profit = OPPORTUNITY!
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Part Number CP-CB-45-E-CM-1001
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Manufacturer Part Number CP-CB-45-E-CM-1001

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