Carbon Block Water Filter Systems

Carbon blocks remove unwanted contaminants in water. Known as the most absorbent type of material, carbon blocks attract negative impurities that include chemicals, volatile organic compounds, and chlorine. Carbon block water filter systems are ranked based on the size of contaminants they are able to remove. This rating is ranged between .5 microns to 50 microns. The smaller the micron is, the more effective the filter is known to be.

At the Chester Paul Company, we offer a variety of carbon block filters. Browse through our categories to find the perfect type for your needs!


Carbon | CPC High-Performance Carbon Catalytic Carbon | Calcor | Carbon Block (Solid/ Standard) | Ceramic | Deionization (DI) | Elctroplating | Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) | Green Block | Kinetic Degradation Fluzion (KDF) | Modified Carbon Block | Phosphate | Softener | Specialty Carbon Filters

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