CPC Part Number LIN-DX-2
Manufacturer Linis Drink
Manufacturer Part Number LIN-DX-2
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) 1
Case Quantity N/A
Spec Sheets No

- Pre-Filter reduces sediment,silt and solids smaller than the human eye can see. This also protects your dispense equipment from contaminants, effecting your systems   performance downstream.

- Taste, Odor and contaminant reducing Activated Carbon removes chlorine, chloramines and chemicals as well as a variety of VOC's from the water.

- Polyphosphate prevents calcium and magnesium from sticking to surfaces, inhibiting scale build up in your dispense equipment.

- Sanitary Quick Change filter design means no tool and no mess! The factory sealed cartridges can be easily changed in seconds with just a quarter turn.


System Dimensions

H: 21-1/2" x W:9" x D: 4-1/2"


Linis Drink Filtration and RO Systems

Minimum Operating Pressure: 40 PSI

Maximum Operating Pressure: 100 PSI

Minimum Operating Pressure: 40º F

Maximum Operating Pressure: 110º F


*Recommended service every 6 months


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